Fresh sawn edged beam pine 4.5 meters Edged beam 4,200.00

Fresh sawn edged beam pine 4.5 meters

Fresh sawn edged beam pine is produced with a thickness of 50 to 200 mm, a width of 100 to 200 mm and a length of 4.5 m. Minimum order 1 m3

Available sizes/sections:

  • 50х100 mm and length 4500 mm
  • 75х100/125/150 mm and length 4500 mm
  • 100х100/150/200 mm and length 4500 mm
  • 125х125 mm and length 4500 mm
  • 150х150 mm and length 4500 mm
  • 175х175 mm and length 4500 mm
  • 200х200 mm and length 4500 mm
₴4,200.00 (₴4,200.00 1 м3)
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Fresh sawn edged beam pine

The implementation of lumber is the main area of ​​activity of our company. We can quickly, just right now, you can buy a edged beam at the best prices. We offer for sale only the highest quality lumber. The cost of this product is much lower than that of other manufacturers in Ukraine.

Freshly cut edged beam before sale undergoes high-quality processing. In most cases, it is used in construction, restoration, repair work. We get a edged beam as a result of cutting a pine business round. We carry out the cut on modern wide-band and circular sawmills of European production. At the exit, we get a beam with a perfectly flat surface, without a wave, without defects, of the correct shape. Domestic woodworking machines cannot guarantee the same ideal result.

The product is manufactured with a thickness of 50 to 200 mm and a width of 100 to 200 mm, a length of 4.5 m. If there is work to be done with wood or construction, it is important to choose the optimal dimensions from the very beginning so that the edged sawn timber fits the parameters of the product or future building. At the same time, it must guarantee strength, long life, reliability.

Freshly sawn edged beams vary in size, and such lumber is also segmented by the type of wood itself. The cleanliness of the surface, and the quantity, quality of the processing processes that the tree species underwent are taken into account.

Sawn materials comply with GOST (DSTU) 8486-86.

Lumber calculator

The table for calculating lumber: how many beams and timber in 1 meter cubic, the area and volume of the beam in cross section:

Thickness Width Length Volume, m3 Area, m2 piece in 1m3
200 200 4500 0,180 0,90 5,6
175 175 4500 0,138 0,79 7,3
150 150 4500 0,101 0,68 9,9
125 125 4500 0,070 0,56 14,2
100 250 4500 0,113 1,13 8,9
100 200 4500 0,090 0,90 11,1
100 150 4500 0,068 0,68 14,8
100 100 4500 0,045 0,45 22,2
75 150 4500 0,051 0,68 19,8
75 125 4500 0,042 0,56 23,7
75 100 4500 0,034 0,45 29,6
50 100 4500 0,023 0,45 44,4

The main advantages of freshly cut pine beams from

By purchasing the highest quality pine lumber in our online supermarket, you save money because you get excellent edged material for a fairly low price. The following are the main advantages of a solid edged freshly sawn pine beam:

1. Durability, strength. A high percentage of resins contained in the pine guarantees the reliability, long life of buildings and products from pine lumber.

2. Low price. At our production, a high-quality business round log is cut. Its delivery is carried out from neighboring state forestries. This has a beneficial effect on pricing. Deliveries of goods are direct, without intermediaries with their undesirable interest, the beam travels directly from production to the address specified by the buyer. We have established relatively low prices for all lumber, they will definitely be able to please the most economical buyers.

3. Resistance to high humidity. Pine beams are the most suitable material for the construction and arrangement of bath rooms, shower garden cabins. Wooden walls, shelves, benches, tables will not suffer from high humidity or from hot steam.

4. Resistance to fungal infections and mold. Infection with fungus and mold can not only destroy a wooden building, a wood product. Also, such lesions are detrimental to human health. Pine wood is famous for its resistance to mold and fungi, which makes it popular and popular among builders and wood craftsmen.

5. High quality. We offer for sale only high-quality lumber. This fact is explained by the fact that our woodworking company uses high-quality logs that are cut with subsequent grinding, processing with modern equipment of foreign production.

6. The ability to maintain temperature balance. In buildings, during the construction of which pine lumber was used, in the summer heat there is a pleasant coolness, and in winter frosts, warmth and comfort are felt.

7. Simple application. Working with freshly sawn pine lumber is quite simple if you know all the intricacies of working with wood. They are not difficult to saw, they easily include a nail and a self-tapping screw. This process is not affected by temperature, the level of humidity of the environment, therefore, pine lumber is used with success at any time of the year.

8. Beautiful pattern, color. In the context of the pine has a beautiful pattern and shade. The color intensity depends on the tannins and dyes in the wood. Pine harmoniously combines natural beauty with strength and durability.

9. Ecological cleanliness. The round timber from which the beams are made is delivered to our production from ecologically clean regions of Ukraine. Pine lumber is harmless to human health, it has a positive effect on the body.

10. Pleasant aroma. The aroma of needles cannot be confused with any other. The smell of wood depends on the amount of resins, essential oils and tannins that it contains. Coniferous trees have a stronger aroma than other species.

Our online lumber supermarket guarantees your bargain

Never take the risk of buying lumber from random, unverified sellers. Thus, you can easily lay out a significant amount for low-quality goods. If you want to get high quality lumber for a relatively low price, trust the professionals. Did you need a edged pine beam? A huge assortment of our supermarket is at your service. It is here that the freshly sawn (pine) beam of the highest quality at a nice price is always in obviousness.

Can’t you decide to buy?

All doubts will disappear! Just check out the main advantages of our supermarket:

1. Pine beam for sale directly from the Ukrainian woodworking enterprise The plant has modern European equipment:

• Wide-band sawmill Wood-Mizer WB2000 Industrial Sawmill (Titan).

• Circular saws Wood-Mizer EG800.

• Four-sided machine Wood-Mizer MP 360.

2. If you have not decided on the size, volume of lumber, our staff will help you calculate how many beams in a cube and how many cubes you need to purchase for a specific purpose. You can always get answers to your questions. Qualified specialist assistance at your service.

3. Our supermarket offers several delivery methods at the buyer's choice. If you wish, you can use the services of a carrier or order delivery by our transport. Delivery is carried out as soon as possible on the territory of Ukraine.

4. Buy from us a pine edged freshly sawn beam 4.5 meters long. Surely you will need other lumber. Among the large assortment in our online supermarket, you will definitely find the right product in the right quantity.

Trusting, you trust the professionals!

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