Lumber production

Custom made pine boards (NEW ERA - ENERGY GROUP LLC) has modern European sawmill equipment, with total capacity of 22 000 m³ of sawn goods per year. produces custom made sizes of fresh sawn pine boards and blocks.

Timber is produced on high-performance professional wideband sawmill Wood-Mizer WB2000 Titan and TITAN EG800 Board Edger.

We produce custom made pine boards from fresh sawn pine of 4 meters, 4.5 meters and 6 meters length.

Production period: 1 - 10 days

Minimum order: 4 m³

Material quality: fresh sawn pine, quality A, B, C

Price per 1 m³ of edged board - UAH 3,500

Local delivery costs

Kyiv, Vasilkiv district

Vyshgorod district

Kyiv region Ukraine Unloading
MAN Truck 1-4 t UAH 1,000 UAH 1,000 + UAH 8 per 1 km from Kyiv UAH 16 per 1 km from Kyiv Unloading is not included
DAF Truck 5-22 t UAH 2,000 UAH 2,000 + UAH 16 per 1 km from Kyiv UAH 25 per 1 km from Kyiv Unloading is not included

Export contract

We are ready to ship worldwide. Please contact us to make price and delivery arrangements.

Contact details

Mobile: + 38 050 357 77 25 (Peter)

Email: [email protected]

Sawmill demonstration